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Jul 2021

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Webinar Registration

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Primary care docs, medical students, and PAs/NPs are cordially invited to join a free informative webinar hosted by Dr. Ratnayake on Aug 12th 2021 at 6pm PST. The webinar will cover recent advances in spinal surgery with an emphasis on new treatment options including minimally invasive techniques and approaches that reduce morbidity and speed up […]


Mar 2021

The Importance of Physical Therapy in the Management of Acute Back Pain

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Back pain, with or without radiation to the legs is one of the most common ailments in society. In fact, it is one of the most common reasons why patients seek medical advice. Even if you personally haven’t had an issue with back pain, I’m sure you know someone or are related to someone who […]


Jan 2021

Neck Pain Explained – Causes, Workup, and Treatments

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Neck pain is an incredibly common and potentially debilitating condition that ranges from mild to life altering. It can have many different sources including alterations to bones, discs, tendons, and muscles. Most of the time, neck pain is brought on by age-related changes in the discs and joints in the neck (called cervical spondylosis). Another […]


Jan 2021

Surgical Treatment of Patients with Dual Hip and Spine Disease

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In recent years the spine and orthopaedic community has begun to understand the interrelatedness of spinal and hip disease. The importance of understanding this relationship has been underscored by the fact that many patients experience both, and unfortunately may experience debilitating hip pathology as well as lumbar spine disease requiring decompression of neural structures and […]


Jan 2021


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Welcome to I have designed this online platform primarily as an educational resource for any and all patients and the spine community as a whole. As a medical professional I see one of my primary roles as an educator for my patients and others. Spinal conditions can be complex and delicate. They can also […]