Welcome to ruwanratnayakemd.com. I have designed this online platform primarily as an educational resource for any and all patients and the spine community as a whole. As a medical professional I see one of my primary roles as an educator for my patients and others. Spinal conditions can be complex and delicate. They can also be potentially nerve-racking for patients, family members, and caretakers. With the various resources on this website, I hope to aid in your understanding of spinal conditions and what options exist for treating them. With greater clarity comes empowerment to make more well-informed decisions.

In the conditions treated section you will find a list of the most common spinal conditions that we see and treat on a daily basis in our office as well as links to education on them. This is not an exclusive list as we treat numerous other conditions, however it does encompass the more frequently encountered pathology. The surgical resources center I hope will be of immense value to you during the informed decision-making process. In most cases, surgery should only be considered when non-operative management efforts have failed. More often than not however, the in-person office visit does not allow enough time to fully digest and understand the complex nature of disease processes and surgical decision making. For this reason, I hope you will find useful the combination of descriptive text, visual aids, and eventually video resources. Here in the blog portion of the website I aim to keep you updated on new and exciting research or enhancements to our practice.

Thank you for visiting and I look forward to connecting with you further in the office, or online!